Francisco Ferioli Marco


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    My name is Francisco Ferioli Marco.

    I was born in July the 29th of 1996, according to the Roman calendar.

    I'm Argentinian by law, not by election.

    I study at the Faculty of Information Technology, Universidad Nacional del Comahue.

    I'm constantly searching the sinergy between copyleft creations*, organic agriculture and renewable energies.

    Inside of Information Technology, my interests are: computer vision, drones, GIS, statistics, blockchain gaming, bioinformatics, agromatics and geomatics.

    Regarding my hobbies, these are writing, music and photography.

    In my spare time, also, I research the use of copyleft creations to map the urban forest.

    *Copyleft creations = hardware, software, data, contents and documentation.


    1. Ancestry
    2. Biography
    3. Vision
    4. Diet
    5. Agroecology
    6. Traceability
    7. Capitalism
    8. Science, culture and philosophy
    9. Spiritism or Astrophysics?


    Key words: Gorla Minore, Lombardia, Italia.

    [Publish genealogical tree.]


    I was born in July the 29th of 1996 at Neuquén city, but I lived most of my life in Cipolletti, Río Negro..

    At 6 years old, I started as the school Nuestra Señora de Fátima, where I studied until the third year of highschool. In fourth year, with 17 years old, I moved to CEM N°5 "Alicia Moureau de Justo" and I finished there my middle studies, at 19 years old.

    When I started my superior studies, I went through different academic institutions, but non of them convinced me.

    After living 2 years at La Plata, I came back to Cipolletti, and very convinced I studied 2 years Agronomy Engineering, at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Universidad Nacional del Comahue.

    However, due I had already been many years without achieving a degree, I had to start thinking how to study and work at the same time, and because of Agronomy Engineering's work schedule (10 hours a day), I had to leave the degree, so I moved to Computer Science, which from every degrees I had an idea, it was the most flexible in every sense, and also the one which had the best work output.


    Here you can see a collection of images which represent my vision.

    Since I was a child I learnt to appreciate Nature spending long hours outdoors observing every live beeing, and watching documentaries and movies about Biology, Ecology and sustainable development.


    When I was 16, for reasons I don't remember, I made myself vegetarian, and till today I still am. Only once I had a period of 7 months while I interrupted the diet, after having sustained it for 1 year. Although I don't remember the motives which I had in that moment, I can show you strong scientific evidence about the self-awareness of other animals, which is enough proof for me for feeling like a murderer if I ever eat meat again. Anyway, that's just how I would feel with myself, I don't have any problem with sharing the table with people who have a different diet.


    Already at university, I acquired a more complex way of looking at these subjects, resulting in the knowledge I got, mainly, from the Food Sovereignity Chair - UNLP. Although I already do not politically agree with the Chair, it was the launcher of my passion for Agroecology.


    Key words: economy sectors (primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, etc). Agriforestry, petrol, mining, industry, IT, culture, education, science.


    On the other hand, the experiences I've had in multiple and diverse spaces of organization from both students and the community (where lots talk and few do, and where the individual economic interests always have more importance than common ideals), as well as the repeated results of the Argentinian presidential elections through history (since the sanction of the Sáenz Peña Law, never has a socilist party won, showing the 2015 election a miserable 3% of the votes' total obtained by the only socialist party, against the joint 97% from the other 5 capitalist parties), have taken me to a capitalist position regarding society's organization.

    Science, culture and philosophy

    I have always had a big interest for Natural Philosophy and the Renaissance, which express knowledge and values that today seem to be forgotten or ignored.

    Spiritism or Astrophysics?

    In accordance with my support for Rationalism, I have a solid convicement for my beleif in Atheism. However, I've had irrational personal experiences that I could not register, due to their short-lived nature. These have taken me to believe in the existence of intangible smart life. In an attempt of finding rational explanations, I set out two possible hypothesis, which could happen simultaneously:

    1. The existence of spirits: just like a star when it dies and its light continues travelling through space, these are the ghosts of people's souls, because, according to the First Law of Thermodynamics, energy can not be created or destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another.
    2. The existence of multiverses: some or all of these experiences could be explained according to the astronomical concept of multiverses, this is, the simultaneous existence of paralel universes, which sometimes are so close or superimposed between each other, that contacts with our own universe are produced, and in that instant, it is when we see or hear things that are logically impossible according to conventional scientific knowledge.

    Some uncomfortable facts about abrahamic religions, told by their own sacred books

    Here I list some situations of The New American Bible, which ridiculously self-strip their own beliefs:

    Source: UNITED STATES CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS, The New American Bible, United States, November 11, 2002.

    These are just a few examples where abrahamic religions fail to sustain their own claim about a unique, omnipotent, male god, and at the same time, to keep themselves away from "pagan" beliefs.

    Later on, I will make a brief "dictionary" of words which appear in the bible that, if put in context, can severely damage the cornerstones of abrahamic religions.

    Why doing this? Because millions of people where killed "in the name of Yahweh", and these religious fanatics should no longer walk through life as if they had done nothing! The minimum thing one can do, in defense of all of the war victims, is to ridicule their beleifs.